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Established 1980

                                                 Issue 391July 2014            

President’s Message

Every morning we turn on the news and get to hear all about the June gloom, early morning fog, and cool temperatures etc., down the hill.  Well, that’s not the case up here.  It’s really hot in the high desert.

 It wasn’t hot for the June ride though.  It was quite pleasant each day until late afternoon, that’s when it heated up until about 5:00 pm and then it cooled down again.  We had five riders on Saturday and four riders on Sunday.  The group was small, but it was fun and I think fear of the heat probably kept a lot of our members away.

 Craig & Irene, Jane & Margie, Max, and Mike & I all arrived Friday afternoon, and the weather was great.  The owners, Sandra and Lee, gave us a tour of the ranch.  We all learned quite a bit about the thoroughbred business.  We were even able to watch some of the yearlings be inspected for an annual sale in October.  It was all very interesting and the horses were beautiful.

 Later, back at camp, the moon was full and it was a glorious evening to sit out and enjoy the beautiful desert.  Saturday morning, Jackie came out to ride with us for the day.  There was a slight breeze and we were all truly surprised at how cool it was.  Just in case though, those of us who had them, put on our “cool vests” before heading out on the trail.  We started out in the car canyon wash, and made a large loop which eventually connected to the pretty wash that climbs and merges into the jeep trail at the base of the “cow gate mountain.”  Back in the day, we used to come down that wash.  We went over the mountain via the old, rocky, Jeep trail.  The cow gate that we always had to pass through is no longer being used, so we can only assume the rancher who ran cattle out there is “long-gone.”  We followed the road to our lunch stop where Craig met us with water for the horses and cool drinks for us.  Thank you Craig!  You may remember this stop.  It’s where Bob Cross used to meet us with his Margarita mixer, and also where Mike Slavens’ horse got his bridle caught on the water bucket handle.  After lunch, we headed south - up the hill and past the old mine tailings, which took us to the switch backs that Bob and Joanie put in.  It didn’t look like they have been used, but it’s amazing that they were still there.  We went down the switch backs and aimed our ponies towards Helicopter Hill.  Once at the top, we enjoyed an incredible view of the valley.  We worked our way down Helicopter Hill and rode through an area of fresh growth with evidence of an underground spring – amazing because it looks like such a dry area.  Eventually we merged into the wash and headed back to camp.

 Saturday evening, Pam & Jim drove out to join us for the potluck and Sandra & Lee also joined us.  As always, the potluck had the perfect combination of foods (can’t figure out how we always manage that).  After dinner, Jim and Lee started talking about their backgrounds and it turns out that Lee and Sandra used to drive trucks for the movie studios and they knew many of the people that Pam and Jim knew “back in the day.”  We all had fun listening to their crazy stories about working in and around the movie studios. 

 Craig and Irene had to head home Saturday night, so there were four of us for the Sunday ride.  We decided to take a short ride and explore an area west of the Ranch that we have never really taken the time to ride in.  The winds came up though, so we were happy to have a short ride.

 All in all, it was a very good weekend.  Craig is recovering from his hip replacement surgery, so of course he didn’t ride, but Irene did.  Craig and Irene chose this area at the last minute when they learned that the Roy Rogers’ Ranch was not an option.  Mike and I were so familiar with area, that we helped Irene learn the trails.  Because of that, we all, at one time or another during the ride, took turns leading.  It was fun and relatively unstructured, which we all enjoyed.

 Many thanks go to Craig and Irene for introducing us to the San Lee Ranch.  A good time was had by all. w

 Club Jackets:  Your devoted President has finally picked out a club jacket.  It should have been an easy decision, but some of you expressed your dislike for the little league windbreaker-type jacket, while others need the tall sizes, not to mention that some wanted snaps while others wanted zippers.  As for myself, I wanted more of a light weight wind breaker that was also water resistant and ample enough to allow for layering underneath.  I looked at another supplier and found a light-weight jacket that I hope you’ll all like.  Mike and I ordered one in a large size and it looks pretty nice.  I’ll bring it to the BVS ride so you can all see watcha think (I’ll cross my fingers and toes just in case).

 Talking about our Trail Coordinator, Mike is working on the 2015 calendar as we speak, and he’s waiting for you all to step forward to volunteer to lead a ride.  The Club relies on its members to volunteer to lead a ride every few years – so don’t be bashful, just dive in and do it. w

 The July ride will be held at Bear Valley Springs the weekend of July 10-13, and hosted by Mike and Romelle Kemp.  This is one of the Club’s favorite summer rides, and as usual, the Kemps have a fun filled weekend planned for us!  Mike needs to have an RSVP from everyone as soon as possible.  Please include what day you plan to arrive and if you are going to the Country Club for dinner Thursday night. 

 On Friday everyone will ride over to the Sousa’s Winery for lunch, and that evening the Kemps are planning a casual BBQ of hot dogs and chicken at their place (BYOB and bring hors-d’oeuvres if you want them, and bring a side dish.)  Saturday’s ride will be about five hours with lunch at the Mulligan Room.  The quarterly meeting is scheduled for after the ride on Saturday, and we’ll have our potluck that evening.  Sunday’s ride will be about three hours.

 The cost is $10 per camp site per night and $5 per horse per night plus a $10 per horse per day amenity use fee.  Be sure to check the flyer on this website for any last minute changes and for complete details and directions to BVS.

 Don’t forget to bring your proof of vaccinations.  See the flyer for requirements.  Please take your papers to the office at the Equestrian Center when you arrive before entering the campground.  They will provide you with your amenity pass and have you sign a release of liability. w

  Look forward to seeing you at Bear Valley, and don’t forget to RSVP…
















Ellen DeJarnette

Vice President
Bill Anderson

Trail Coordinator
Mike DeJarnette

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