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                                                 Issue 393 September 2014            

President’s Message

Hi everyone, once again, we missed the HDTR ride and this time it was because of our August trip.  I understand it was a really good ride and Elaine wrote up a very nice summary of it.

 Mike and I went up to Wyoming for our August trip.  We originally planned to include Colorado, but because of the VS outbreak, its continual spread, and the changing health certificate requirements to enter the state, we decided against it.  The time we spent in Wyoming was very good though.  We hooked up with friends and went up to the Little Sunlight Horse Camp outside of Yellowstone.  It was a very nice camp and the riding was beautiful.  Signs were posted all over to be aware of the grizzlies, and thank goodness we didn’t see any.  We did see wolves though, and that was quite a thrill.  One even followed us (staying a safe distance away).  We then drove over to the Big Horn Mountains.  We’ve ridden there before, but this time we were camped at Battle Park north/east of Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  A very tough road getting in, but it was a great place.  We were there for a week and would have liked to stay longer to explore the many lakes and waterfalls in the area, but we had to get home before Labor Day weekend.  We drove through beautiful country, had rain almost every day and met some very nice people along the way. 

 On our way home through Utah, we stopped at Pine Valley Horse Camp and rode there.  While we were there, we met the President of the local BCH.  He led us on a very nice ride one day and he’s giving us suggestions of other places to ride in the area around St. George (maybe something for our Club to think about).

 As mentioned in the last newsletter, the logo is done, and I should have the first batch of jackets at the Anza ride.  The LT is on back order and I hope it will be in by the time of the ride.


Cottonwood-Horseshoe Meadow High Sierra Ride

By Elaine Macdonald

The four day HDTR August ride in the High Sierras was organized by Elaine and Bob Macdonald.  The horse camp was located at Horseshoe Meadows.  Because the hikers tend to occupy the equestrian camp, we arrived two days earlier to save the camping spots for our group. The equestrian camp, surrounded by lodge poll pine trees was located 10,000 feet in altitude. There were 10 equestrian sites which included a cement pad, picnic table, fire pit and bear box and a nearby modern out-house. 

Eight of our members that attended our ride were; Mike and Romelle, Bill and Ginger, Jackie and Ken, and Bob and me.  I was happy to introduce my guest Susan Jackson and her cute well-behaved mule “Pard.”  This was the first time that Susan rode with our group.  She is friends with many of our members and over the years, she has been invited to ride with our group.   

In the evening, the weather was not too cool. We were able to sit outside, play cards and party. One night we played leap frog as we moved around the camp fire avoiding the smoke.

Thursday was our first organized ride.  We rode Trail Pass, Mulky Pass the PCT and switchback down to Mulky Meadow for lunch and return.  Our trip was 12.1 and average 3.1 about 4.5 hours.  Jackie and Ken arrived at camp on Thursday afternoon. 

Friday’s ride took us to the beautiful Mirror and Cottonwood Lakes via the Cottonwood Trail.  We rode 13.9 miles and 5:15 hours with an average of 3.2 mph.  The first couple of miles of trail was gradual and had great trail tread.  Then the trail started to go up.  We climbed boulders that were stair stepped and quite interesting on switch-back trails.  It was slow going but all the horses did well.  The views were outstanding and there was plenty of water along the trail.  Some of the ancient trees were weirdly twisted, and seemed to reach out to touch us.  Fat marmots would scatter as we rode by the various lakes. 

On Saturday we rode to Chicken Springs Lake, and then returned via the PCT to Trail Pass and camp. The views provided by the PCT were exceptional.  We could see Mt. Langley and Mt. Whitney in the panorama of mountains that surrounded us.    Our trip was 13.5 miles, with an average of 3.3 and saddle time with lunch was 5 hours.  Getting to Chicken Springs Lake was another ride of climbing.  At 11,266 feet the crest of Cottonwood Pass, we could see for forever. 

Sunday most of the riders left for home early.  Our ride was a short one.  Romelle, Mike and Bob and me rode a 4.3 mile circle around Horseshoe Meadow.  We said good-by to the magnificent mountain scenery and sparkling running streams. We talked about the good times that we shared with our group.    It was time to leave for home.  We thought about riding again next year in this wonderful wilderness.  What do you think? 

 Thank you, Elaine for providing this wonderful report.  On behalf of the Club I want to thank you both for a wonderful weekend.  I know everyone who attended had a great time. 

 The September 12-14 ride will be hosted by Bill and Cathy Bence in Anza, CA.  This will be a new riding area for us and it sounds really nice.  Bill said that we are invited to arrive any time before, during, or after the ride.  Friday night people can go into town to one of several restaurants, or have dinner on their own in camp.  The Saturday ride will stop for lunch at a quaint restaurant in Paradise Cove (sounds good to me!).  Of course we’ll have our usual potluck Saturday evening.

 For detailed information and directions, please see the flyer on this website.  You’ll note that Bill and Cathy have all sorts of camping options for us.

  See you at the ride,
















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