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Established 1980

                                                 Issue 394 October 2014            

President’s Message

I think I can safely say that everyone who attended the Anza ride this month had a blast.  The ride and evening festivities were fantastic.

 Jane Walters and her cousin Ali, who is visiting from Wales, arrived Thursday afternoon.  Mike and I arrived that evening. 

 Friday, Ken & Jackie, Tim & Dana, and Gerry & Julie arrived.  It was great to see Gerry & Julie – it’s been such a long time.  That evening, we all drove into town to the local Mexican restaurant and enjoyed a variety of delectable Mexican dishes.  Before we left for the restaurant though, Mike received a text from Max saying that he was “stuck” on the I-15 freeway for almost three hours due to a big-rig fire at Hwy 138.  Needless to say, he didn’t get to Bill and Cathy’s until around 9:30 that evening. 

 Saturday morning, donned in “cooling vests” we rode across the valley toward the hills that separate Anza from Garner Valley.  Eventually the trails took us to an old narrow road that we followed to the hills and then up, up and away we went allowing our horses plenty of rest stops as we maneuvered our way to the top.  Once we were at the top we were rewarded with an awesome view of Garner Valley to the north and Anza to the south.  Beautiful!  We went down into Garner Valley and followed several equestrian trails that took us by lovely homes, through pine trees and into another valley.  We rode through the beautiful valley for a short time and made our way to another hilly area where we rode to the top catching views once again of Garner Valley surrounded by beautiful pine trees and a small lake in the middle.  Okay, I could live there!  We rode across the top of the hill for a bit and then worked our way down an old rutted road, which came to and crossed the highway and brought us to the Paradise Cove Restaurant where Bill and Cathy’s neighbor Mike, along with Ken and Ali, met us with some much appreciated water for the horses.  We tied up there and enjoyed a great lunch!  Jane’s sister, Margie, and her friend joined us at the restaurant.

 Back in the saddle, we left the restaurant and picked up a trail that took us up and above the roadway.  It was sheltered with high shrubs on both sides and probably invisible from the road below.  We eventually hooked up with the California Hiking Trail and rode that quite a ways down to a wash, which was, until two weeks ago, not passable.  Bill and Cathy actually went down there during the two week period before the ride and hand-cleared a trail.  They pruned the bushes and trees and moved rocks in order to clear a path for the ride.  It is a great trail, and now that we all went through, hopefully more established.   

 The water crew met us one more time and we headed back across the valley to the ranch.

 That evening, Hope & Bill Adams and our water man “Mike” and his wife came over to enjoy the potluck with us.  Bill Bence barbequed beef and chicken and we provided the side dishes. 

 Sunday morning we rode out to an old reservoir.  For whatever reason, it was never used, but it did make a great place to ride to.  We rode by some very sharp branches, and Gerry scraped his arm causing it to bleed quite a bit.  The excitement that followed was unbelievable!  Max quickly went into emergency response mode and retrieved his first aid kit while Jackie jumped off her horse to begin first aid on Gerry’s arm.  What a team!  After almost a package of tape was wrapped over and across the bandage, we realized it needed more tape because it kept coming off Gerry’s arm.  Then, one bystander had a remarkable idea:  Why not wrap the tape around his arm and over the bandage, thus holding it on?  What a solution, and it worked! 

 Back at the ranch, we met on the patio for lunch and last minute visiting before heading home.  Oops, Gerry announced that he could not remove the bandage!  Seems, it was plain gauze and had dried onto the wound.  We can only hope it falls off before the Hesperia Lakes ride, or the Safety Team will have to go into action once again. 

 Bill and Cathy, we want to thank you so much for inviting the Club to ride from your ranch.  We also want to thank you for all the work you put into the ride!  It was a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to returning next year.   

 The October 10-12 ride will be hosted by Jackie & Ken and Tim & Dana from Hesperia Lakes Park.  You can arrive any time after 10:00 am on Friday and ride at will.  Saturday’s ride will start at 9:00 am and will be about 5-6 hours.  Sunday ride out time is 9:00 am and it will be about 2-3 hours.  Potluck Saturday night.  There are 27 corrals and they are available on a first-come first-served basis.  Camp fee is $20 per night per vehicle and that includes two (very nice) corrals.

 Please RSVP to either Jackie or Dana.

 For detailed information and directions, please see the flyer on this website.

 Happy trails!
















Ellen DeJarnette

Vice President
Bill Anderson

Trail Coordinator
Mike DeJarnette

Romelle Kemp