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Established 1980

                                                 Issue 388 April 2014            

President’s Message


 I’m amazed at how quickly the month of March went by.  At least it did for Mike and I.  By now everyone who went to the Caballos Del Sol ride is home and reminiscing about what a wonderful ride it was.  Shucks, we had to miss everything because my mare came down with a viral infection that she picked up shortly after we started our month-long trip to Arizona.  I have heard “over the grape vine” though, that everyone had a great time. 

 Mike and I were pretty worried about Goldie.  She pretty much stopped eating and barely drank.  Thank goodness for our vet in Apple Valley, he instructed us on what to do and give her, and as soon as we felt she could be trailered we headed home so she could rest and recover.  She’s such a sweet horse and we hated to see her so sick.  After lots of meds, she’s getting back to her old self – eating everything in sight and drinking lots of water.  It was quite a scare though.

 We have travelled literally thousands of miles with the horses since we retired, and this is the first incident we’ve had.  Somehow we’ve manage to slip past all the viruses that were running rampant in states that we passed through over the years.  We’ve always been so careful with our horses; we prepare them for every trip and always visit with the vet before leaving home to be sure all their vaccinations are up to date.  So, needless to say, this was a shocker. When we travel, we come in contact with horses from all over the country, and our vet said that there is no way we can vaccinate for all the viruses we may encounter.  We are just thankful that she came through it fine and that it’s all behind us now.      

 Let’s move on to something a lot more fun!  I’m hearing that the March ride from Jim & Janie Walters place in Pipes Canyon was fantastic!  We had the pleasure of going out to pre-ride with Janie, but we missed the actual ride because we left for Arizona.  Since we were going to be gone, I asked Janie if she would write a summary about her ride for the newsletter.  In the meantime, Max and Elaine, realizing we were out of town, also provided their own stories about the ride.  They were all so well written and informative, that I decided to share all three write-ups about the ride – Max included a long story about Willie Boy and the subsequent movie, but due to space limitations, I’m using a condensed version of his write up.

 Ride Summary, from Jane Walters:

 The Double W Ranch was thrilled to host this month's ride. We had Blondie, Hal, Calamity Jane, Bill & Cathy, Mike & Romelle, Jackie, Bob & Elaine, Max & Joyce (she stayed in camp) and Don.

Saturday it was windy and cool, but it got better later on.  We left at 9 am, and did a loop that took in a private ranch; the beautiful, remote Bighorn wilderness;  and Ruby Mountain, where the Willie Boy standoff ended the last organized manhunt on horseback in US history, in 1909.  His ashes are buried at the memorial site.

Young Piute Willie Boy had kidnapped 15-year-old Lolita after killing her father, Mike Boniface.  They fled on foot, and he dragged her, barefoot and bleeding from Banning to Snow Creek, then turned back up thru Big Morongo Canyon, and on to Twentynine Palms. The girl had been murdered along the way, as she no doubt could not keep up with him; her body was found in Pipes Canyon.  From Twentynine Palms he ran to Old Woman Springs Ranch in Johnson Valley, then southeast past Rock Corral and on to Ruby Mountain, an incredible distance on foot.  He shot three men and three horses, then later shot himself.
After visiting the memorial site, we had lunch among the pinion pines and boulders and headed back, stopping to water at Two Tanks.  We got back about 3:00 and travelled about 18 miles.  Everyone was a joy to ride with, so easy-going.  The only ONO moment came when one of Hal's reins came undone, we thought his horse might too, but he was on it.  Blondie jumped off to help.  A potential wreck diffused by the experts!!

Sunday, Max and Joyce had to go home, but we rode up to the national forest, via the “Why Cry” and “Tater Rock” trails.  We were out for about 3 hours.

We were missing quite a few members, and some were in Arizona. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Onstotts.

Big thanks to Ellen and Mike for making a trip out here to pre-ride, and to Jackie for her support, Max for the photos, and a nice potluck.

Thanks to all who were able to come out, it was our pleasure, always.

Janie, Jim & Margie

 Max Schetter wrote about the Saturday ride:

 Janie and Jim Walters were perfect hosts for our HDTR ride from their Pipes Canyon home.  Janie prepared a German Chocolate Cake and had it waiting for Friday's arrivals at the Walter's spacious (and level) five acre estate.

 It was a bit windy Friday, but calmer on Saturday as thirteen riders fell in behind Janie for a memorable and pleasant 18 mile ride.

 The scenery was spectacular!  Awesome rock formations; Early spring flowers sprouting; crystal clear blue skies; and a brisk but comfortable day had everyone rubber necking to see the grandeur in all directions.

 We stopped at the memorial site and plaque for "Willie Boy" a desperado who eluded capture until he was surrounded by lawmen and killed or committed suicide in 1909.  A motion picture called "Tell Them Willy Boy Is Here" was released in 1969.

 A sumptuous pot luck dinner followed our return to the Double W Ranch and we recounted our good fortune in having such a delightful day in the saddle with our friends and equine companions.

Elaine Macdonald wrote about the Sunday ride:

 There were 12 riders on Sunday’s Pipes Canyon ride.  We rode several miles along Gamma Gulch then on to the tops of the scenic bluffs.  Janie introduced us to Frog Rock and some interesting cabins nestled on top of, in between, and under large looming rocks.  Everyone questioned what the builders had in mind when placing their precious homes in such precarious positions.  The Sunday ride was a delight.  There was very little wind, loads of sunshine and pleasant conversations.  Half of the ride traversed along single track trail twisting around the plump desert rocks.  We rode for miles through the pristine wilderness and desert landscapes.   There were several of us who compared our ride leader Jane to our Club’s matriarch Peggy Manning. Like Peggy, Jane led the riders safely through rugged desert terrain without a GPS, map, or ribbons to follow.  Sunday’s ride was 8.8 miles and 2 hours and 45 minutes.  Good job Jane!

  I think it’s pretty cool to see everyone’s thoughts about the ride.  Combining all three comments provides the reader a “complete ride experience.”  Needless to say, the weekend was a huge success and those who attended had a wonderful time.  I want to welcome our guest Hal Bankhead.  Hal submitted an application for membership that we will be voting on at the April meeting.

 Thanks to the Walters for opening their home to us, and Janie you are a wonderful trail boss!  Thank you, Max and Elaine, for your comments about the ride.   

  The April ride is scheduled for April 11-13 at Black Rock Horse Camp.  Mike and I are leading this one.  There are hitching posts, picnic tables and one water spigot in the horse camp.  Everyone has to share the one water spigot, so we suggest that you have water in your rig for your horse.  There are bathrooms up at the visitor center, but nothing in the horse camp.  There is also a large dumpster for trash and manure. Saturday and Sunday ride out times are 10:00 am each day.

 There will be a quarterly meeting Saturday afternoon and a potluck Saturday evening.  The quarterly meeting will include voting for officers and a new member application submitted by Hal Bankhead.

 See the flyer on this website for directions and details.   We’ll be riding in sand and hills, so horses should have shoes and be in decent condition.

 Gerry and Julie, you are in our minds and in our hearts.     

 Happy riding - See you at Black Rock.





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