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Established 1980

                                                 Issue 392 August 2014            

President’s Message

I hope you are all surviving these temperatures.  It’s been so hot and humid up here in the high desert.

 The logo is done, and we brought a sample jacket to the BVS ride so everyone could get an idea of the sizing, etc.  Quite a few members ordered jackets.  They’re on order now and we’ll have them at the Anza ride.

 The July ride at Bear Valley Springs was hosted by the Kemps.  Mike and I had not ridden our horses enough to tackle the rigorous Sycamore Trail, so we decided not to go on the ride, but rather drive over to the Mulligan Room to join the riders for lunch.  Romelle provided the following ride report:

 Because the Onstotts, who were originally scheduled to lead the ride, were unable to do so, the Kemps stepped in to host the July ride, once again, in Bear Valley Springs.  For the second year in a row, the Barbers had a flat tire in transit.  As they pulled into the campground, Jim discovered a trailer tire going flat.  Unfortunate, yes, but not as bad as last year when the flat was on the inside rear tire of his motorhome.  Rigs trickled into camp all afternoon.  Last to arrive was Max, who, determined not to be outdone by the Barbers, was delayed with a flat tire on his own rig.  Jackie, Tim and Dana managed to get in a short ride before everyone assembled at the Kemp’s house for dinner.  Kemps served barbecued chicken and hot dogs while the guests joined them with appetizers and side dishes.

 Saturday, 11 riders rode the Sycamore Trail.  Ken met us at the Water Canyon Campground with a cooler full of drinks. At the Greenwater exit, Terry Andersen guided riders who opted for the shorter route to the Mulligan Room.  At the point overlooking the San Joaquin Valley, those who took the longer ride, saw a condor soaring in the distance.  After riding back to the campground and resting a bit in the afternoon, we assembled for the quarterly meeting which was followed by a potluck dinner.  For the seconded meeting in a row, Mike DeJarnette won the raffle!  He received $40.  Out of the $40 that the club took in, $25 went to Ellen as reimbursement for the logo design.  The remaining $15 will be deposited into our account.

 Sunday’s two hour ride came very close to a bachelor herd of nine elk - each one sporting antlers that measured five feet across.  The DeJarnettes and Walters headed north to join a group for a ride near Yosemite.  Everyone else headed home.

 Thank you, Romelle for providing this report.  On behalf of the Club I want to thank you both for a wonderful weekend.  As always, everyone had a great time. 

 The August 8-10 ride (second weekend, not the third weekend as published in the July Newsletter) will be at Horseshoe Meadows (Cottonwood) in the High Sierras above Lone Pine.  Bob & Elaine Macdonald will host this ride.  Horseshoe Meadows has corrals and hitching rails, available on a first come basis.  If the sites are full, you can park in the parking lot.  There is water available for the horses.  Elevation is 10,000 ft., so be prepared for cold nights.  Macdonalds are arriving on Wednesday, August 13 and will provide dinner to those who arrive by 6pm. Potluck Saturday evening.   Ride out time each day 9:00 am.  Elaine said RSVP’s are not necessary, but it would be nice to know if you plan to go. 

 Everyone is also invited to go on the following ride:

 PRIOR TO THE HDTR RIDE, Bob & Elaine are leading a ride from the Black Rock Trail Head in the High Sierras for another group from July 31 to Aug. 3.  This looks like a great High Sierra ride through Casa Vieja Meadows, Big Dry Meadows, and Jordan Hot Springs, plus many more beautiful trails.  Once again, warm days and cold nights.  Bob & Elaine will be leaving Black Rock and heading straight to Horseshoe Meadows (Cottonwood) for the HDTR ride.  If you are interested in going on this ride, confirm with Elaine and she will send directions and a map.  

 Flyers for both of these rides are on this website.  Please check them for details. 

 The September ride will be hosted by Bill and Cathy Bence in Anza, CA.  This will be a new area for us and it sounds like a really nice ride.  More details in the September newsletter.

 Important note:  We just learned from our veterinarian that there is an outbreak of Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) in several counties in Texas and Colorado.  Before doing any out of state travelling, you might want to check the US Department of Agriculture website or your destination state’s website for up to date information, quarantine status and/or entry requirements. 

   Happy riding!


High Desert Trail Riders

Meeting Minutes for Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bear Valley Springs Campground, Tehachapi, CA


President Ellen DeJarnette called the regular meeting of the High Desert Trail Riders to order at 5:19pm. 

 Members present: Jim and Pam Barber, Mike and Ellen DeJarnette, Mike and Romelle Kemp, Ken Lair and Jackie Lindgren, Bob and Elaine Macdonald, Max Schetter, Janie Walters, and Tim Whitely and Dana Raponi.  Janie’s sister, Margie and Terry and Claire Andersen were guests.


·   Both Craig Bost and Gerry Onstott are continuing to recover.

·   Ken Lair will have knee replacement surgery this Wednesday.

 Minutes/Treasurer’s Report

Approval of April 12, 2014 minutes and the treasurer’s reports of April thru June 2014 as posted on the internet was so moved by Pam Barber and seconded by Tim Whitely.  The motion carried unanimously.  

Bank balance as of June 30, 2014: $4,149.93.

 WebMaster’s Report by Mike Kemp

For the sake of privacy, he decided to stop publishing the treasurer’s report on the website.  He is now emailing it to each member.

 Trail Coordinator’s Report by Mike DeJarnette

·   The August 6-10 ride will be at Horseshoe Meadow in the Sierras out of Lone Pine.  The date in the original flyer is wrong.  A corrected flyer will be sent out.  Bob and Elaine Macdonald are the hosts. They suggest that members arrive Wednesday, August 6.  There are 10 level sites with corrals and water and there also is an overflow area.

·   Bill and Cathy Bence are hosting the September ride in Anza.  A flyer will be out soon.

 Remaining Ride Schedule for 2014

October 10-12           Hesperia Lakes                                     Jackie Lindgren, Ken Lair, Dana Raponi, Tim Whitely

November 7-9           La Cresta                                             Bill Anderson and Ginger VonAchen   

December 12-14        Anza Borrego/Vern Whittaker Camp       Max and Joyce Schetter

 Preliminary 2015 Schedule

January 9-11             Agua Dulce                                           Irving Blank and Ronaye Boyle

 Old Business

·   The style of the club jacket has been selected.  Ten members ordered and paid for jackets.  When asked if anyone was interested in baseball caps or scarves, nobody indicated that they wanted baseball caps, however, there was some interest in the scarves.  The president will pursue the design and ordering of scarves.

·   Ken Lair reported that several times he has offered his expertise to the BLM for trail management.  They have not responded to his offer to volunteer his services.

 New Business

There was no new business.


At 5:53, Ken Lair moved to adjourn the meeting, second by Mike DeJarnette, it carried unanimously.  The next regularly scheduled meeting is October 11, 2014 at the Hesperia Lakes ride.

 Mike DeJarnette won the raffle.  He received $40.  The club also received $40, $25 of which went to Ellen DeJarnette as reimbursement for getting the jacket logo designed.  The remaining $15 will be deposited into the checking account.  Hors-d’oeuvres were shared at 5:00 before the meeting and the potluck is scheduled for 6:00.

 Respectfully submitted,

Romelle Kemp, Secretary/Treasurer
















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